Founder of Five Star Pharmacy Dermot Smyth has over 25 years of community pharmacy experience behind him, having come a long way since doing his pre-registration in Belfast in 1995. It was during that formative year that Dermot’s passion for community pharmacy and helping people was nurtured.

Dermot says “I learned so much during that pre-reg year about how to treat people well and the positive effect that has in our place of work. Hence, I have carried 5 key principles throughout my professional life which I have now incorporated into the Five Star Pharmacy brand:

  • To treat our customers well and give them a Five Star service – you put the shirts on our backs.
  • To earn our customers’ trust so that in return they will listen to our advice.
  • To be honest with our customers.
  • To help our customers – most of our customers are poorly, sick or have a problem they need help with. Hence, our aim at Five Star Pharmacy is to help make you feel better before you leave.
  • To be grateful of our own health, after all, Your health is your Wealth.”


As a pharmacy owner for 16 years now, Dermot has seen technology make numerous, positive changes, not just to the pharmacy profession, but to the way people live and shop.

Dermot shares that “In all my time in pharmacy I have always tried to improve myself, my pharmacy team and my business. I am looking forward to the challenge of creating a retail pharmacy online – I think the principles I learned all that time ago in Belfast of how to run a successful community pharmacy will hold for online pharmacies as well. The 5 key principles will certainly be the foundation of what we are trying to achieve here with Five Star Pharmacy. So, I invite you all to stop by, shop our five star range of products, give us your feedback, let us earn your trust and let us help to keep you healthy and well. After all, as I’m still learning, your health is your wealth.”

Five Star Pharmacy